Choristers go through an extensive musicianship program based on the Kodály Concept.

Each season, under the direction of the director of music literacy and curriculum development and LACC’s dedicated musicianship faculty, choristers


  • learn to read musical notation and understand key musical concepts in weekly musicianship classes through a seven-level, sequential curriculum with professional instructors, and
  • acquire a solid education in music theory and skill in ear training.


The Kodály concept is an approach to music education developed in Hungary during the mid-twentieth century by Zoltán Kodály.

The Kodály Concept is


  • a philosophy of education and a concept of teaching.
  • a comprehensive program to train basic musical skills and teach the reading and writing of music.
  • an integration of many of the best ideas, techniques, and approaches to music education.
  • an experience-based approach to teaching.

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